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Got mine the other day and it gives quite a boost. May 27, But third party lan adapters heat up the switch. Oct 26, 2, Can't wait to grind out some hours in this game. Not totally sure who to main though. Oct 28, 3, Canada. I'm willing to play with those who are fine with FFA, items and any stage being legal! Oct 25, Atlanta, GA. Oct 25, 7, The Digital World.

Dec 18, I'm excited to see how garbage i truly am. Oct 26, 4, Looks like the OT for me! Oct 25, Oct 25, 1, New Zealand. Is there anything specific to watch out for with lan adaptors? Or will just any cheap one do?

How For Glory's matchmaking works

Oct 25, Bay Area. Any Meta Knight techs? Oct 28, 1, As someone who has never had the time to get even decent at these games, I'm hoping to change that with Smash U. I know it'll be a loooong road, but I'd really like to be at least "pretty good" when playing with friends.

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Oct 25, 8, Looking forward to getting some matches in, though I like 4 player free for all and not 1 on 1. Shouldn't do any damage from reports I've seen they don't get hot or overheat, just a bit warm , but if you're paranoid you could just disconnect the adapter when the Switch isn't in use or turn the Switch completely off.

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Oct 27, 1, Gonna bust you all up with Incineroar Spoiler Read: Dec 28, 4, Cause all these 3. And I will be playing wireless. I primarily play Switch as a portable and that's not stopping just cause I want to play online Smash. GameStop has the Wii u network adapter pretty cheap, it works on switch according to the reviews. Online gameplay uses far less than that.

Not necessarily, there's some stuff you can do through homebrew that you can use the network adapter for to test that sort of thing out I believe. You're best off with anything from this reddit thread. The Switch doesn't support anything outside of 2 different LAN chipsets; that's a short list of adapters using ones identical to the official HORI model. There are more, but that list is easy enough to use and has good enough prices. I wouldn't do that. It uses the slower of the two chipsets the console supports.

Sorry for turning this over a LAN info thread.

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  8. I'll be around to smoke you all right after I unlock Shulk. Oct 26, If these statistics influence a matchmaking system of some sort is unknown, as no explicit matchmaking system has ever been described by an official source, and players continue to get matched against players of wildly varying skill levels regardless of their winrates. If a player disconnects during a match in For Glory, their character will from then on be controlled by AI set to a low level. A player who is idle for 15 seconds during a match will be disconnected automatically.

    However, this idle check only looks at the player's control stick; a player who is pressing buttons can still be disconnected for activity if they do not move for 15 seconds such as a Mr. In rare instances where a connection is especially bad between the players with constant pauses that don't cease, the game may disconnect all players without penalty and automatically end the match in a no contest. For Fun acts as a counterpart of For Glory in that it forces free-for-alls and items, as well as having a nearly unrestricted stage selection.

    For Glory has received divided opinions from the community. For Glory's main draw is giving players a mode to get quickly and easily matched up with a wide range of other players online under competitive rules, without having to set matches up with players through external means.

    Smash Room Station - The Largest Smash 4 Matchmaking Discord - Join! [+ Members] By slickj

    For Glory is also heavily criticized for its seemingly nonexistent or illogical matchmaking system. Despite it being claimed in the the Nintendo Direct that announced the mode that there would be "some sort of matchmaking based on skill" present, players find themselves matched up against other players of all skill levels at what seems to be random, from top competitive players down to seemingly first-time players, regardless of how frequently they win or lose. This lack of a logical matchmaking system led to the persistent belief that only low-level players play on For Glory, as higher level players are uncommonly matched up against each other on the mode.

    Additionally on Smash for Wii U, players' name tags are visible to each other, which griefers and salty players notoriously abuse frequently to insult and demean their opponents. One more criticism of the mode is it disallowing players from being able to play as the Mii Fighters , which is often cited as one of the main reasons, alongside their legality issues in competitive play, as for why each of the Miis became the least played characters in competitive play.

    However through modding it is possible to play as the Miis on For Glory without any repercussions. Despite these criticisms, competitive players continue to frequently play on For Glory, whether it be for serious practice, to warmup for a later online play session, when they have no one they know available to play, or to just fool around, with even top players like Nairo and ZeRo frequently streaming themselves playing on For Glory. However players usually setup their own matches with other players on the With Friends mode, whether through Anther's Ladder or some other external means, when trying to get more serious practice online.