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  1. 987FM’s Vernon A marries 23-year-old blogger
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We are okay with each other. We know each other really well. According to HK Channel, the actress, whose contract will expire in May, allegedly has been offered an increase in her salary by 15 percent, amounting to HKD1.

987FM’s Vernon A marries 23-year-old blogger

This time, TVB has given her quite a good offer, so she might renew her contract. The same cannot be said for actress Linda Chung. According to On CC News, the actress, who reportedly called it quits with Philip back in February, has been photographed shopping for groceries with Ruco in a supermarket in New Zealand, where they are currently filming their new show. The post sparked further speculation about their relationship, since it was posted not long after the supposed breakup between Linda and Philip.

When asked to respond to the dating rumours, Ruco replied via a text message that he prefers not to make any comments about it. Meanwhile, Linda shared the photo of their rumoured date online, and thanked the crew for taking them to the supermarket. As reported on Sina, speculations of a budding romance between the two sparked recently when a fan uploaded a selfie photo taken with GEM Tang. Netizens quickly realised that JJ was actually in the photo, standing behind the singer.

Its representative stated that the two singers have become friends after working together. Over Internet users in Singapore now risk getting sued for the illegal act, The Strait Times reports, with the company looking to collect compensation for the damages caused by the illegal downloading and sharing. Letters were issued over the weekend to the users, who allegedly shared the movie between 2 April and 27 May last year. The IP address could be registered under a person who is not responsible for the illegal sharing, as the Internet connection to a certain IP address can be used and shared by more than one individual, such as in families.

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Previously, Dallas Buyers Club LLC made its round in the United States, where illegal downloaders are liable for damages of up to USD, unless settlement fees of up to USD7, are paid; before making its way to Australia, where about 5, people faced similar charges. Currently, there are no such legal letters issued in Malaysia. When asked to address the rumours, her manager replied in the positive, saying that the actress is indeed pregnant and that her main focus for the time being is to finish filming the aforementioned drama.

It was also revealed that Beatrice and Yang have plans to get married in the near future, though no exact date has been confirmed at the moment. I had made it too long, and then I had to cut and redo the bottom all over again. It was a nightmare. For the most part, my wedding planning was relatively smooth sailing. I have really awesome friends and they all chipped in so much. The Fabulous Baker Boy gave me a wedding cake as a wedding present, so the cake was settled super fast.

It turns out all three of us really enjoy doing this! I wanted to keep everything down to earth, and simple, so we went with a rustic bohemian theme. I wanted to keep it very comfortable and cosy, so I did away with the champagne popping and dress changes and bride and groom entrances and things like that. The wedding reception was a buffet, so everyone would get a chance to move around and feel free and easy, like a house party slash backyard wedding. I sourced online for carpets to line the aisle for our solemnisation and the dining area,and instead of a traditional wedding arch, I constructed a wedding teepee out of long wooden sticks that I had bought from a construction site.

To complete the bohemian look, I searched for antique looking cake tiered plates and glass bottles, collected aluminium cans for the flower centerpieces and made dreamcatchers for our photobooth. To top it off, I borrowed fairylights for that extra romantic vibe. We also tried to be as bohemian as we could with our dressing. I opted for braids and flowers in my hair, made flower crowns for my bridesmaids and flower girls, while Marc rolled up his sleeves to showcase his Sailor jerry styled tattoos.

I think I fell in love with it when I first saw it. Actually, it was my parents who suggested it to us! They live in the vicinity and my brother goes to school at Seletar airbase, so they had heard about it when it first opened. It felt like home and once we tried the food, we were sold. They also have a really good service staff team as well. And the owners are very welcoming. I went to bed after and had about three hours of sleep, I think. My friends and family helped with the moving of the props and the setting up of the venue while I was rushing to help out, get ready and take photos before our solemnisation was due to start.

But, as you know, delays are to be expected during a wedding. Seconds before I had to walk down the aisle, one of my bridesmaids accidentally stepped on the back of my dress and it ripped. Luckily, I brought along a sewing kit and was able to patch it up before we set off. It was crazy and hectic in the beginning, but it all worked out in the end. It was beautiful and a really fun wedding. I think everyone had a great time! They really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere, and how there was no set timetable or restrictions.

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It was just very beautiful and comfortable. We actually only had the venue until There were so many so its difficult to choose! I loved that my father sang as I walked down the aisle with my mother, and I loved that I got to sing with my husband! Eating our wedding cake was very memorable too, because it was the only ting we ate that day!

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Planning your wedding on your own might be a lot of work, but I think it can be really fun and enjoyable too! You just need to keep a clear notebook of what you want, and have enough hands to help you put it together on the day of the wedding.

Anything you wanna know about me? Ask awaayyy ~ - jaynetham - Dayre

Make sure you list down all the things you are bringing to the wedding, and get someone to be in charge when it comes time to bring back everything. Delegate tasks to your friends, and be clear so they all know how they can best help you. Prepare extra tokens of appreciation just in case, and have someone you trust help you with distributing it out as you may not have time to give them out yourselves.

I forgot to do this and we forgot to take a shot with my bridesmaids. Thankfully, Andri has a really good eye, and captured many lovely moments from the night.