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Embedded image courtesy of Imgur, BurgerGrease. This "card" doubles as a LEGO toy and memorable desk ornament. Embedded image courtesy of Imgur, skmotay. This card design complements what the company mission and includes actual lawn seeds. Who wouldn't love a business card you can eat? The only hitch would be noting down all that contact information before taking a bite.

Dizzy Design created the card for The Bombay Bakery. Organic beef jerky, anyone? Designed by the folks at Rethink, Canada. A business card you can truly use as a tool. This design also from Rethink, Canada. Yet another useful business card. Embedded image courtesy of Imgur, dogbombs. Since you have to stretch it to actually read the text, this flexible card is super playful.

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And hey, the design stretches the imagination pun completely intended. If you're a photographer, this design conveys a visual career with a camera viewfinder display. Embedded image courtesy of Imgur, lordla. Format 9 x 5. Need a custom format.

What customers have to say about our Business Cards

Paper type g Art Card. The weight of paper is perfect and any coating is suitable. Elegant and professional feeling, perfect to bring out the excellent image and color. Lamination Matte Thin plastic layer eliminating light reflection issues, providing a smooth touch, and protecting your cards.

Lamination Glossy Thin plastic layer giving colors more pop, reflecting light, and protecting your cards at the same time. Rounded Corners No Rounded Corners. No Rounded Corners No courners are rounded. Top Left Round Corner The top left corner is rounded. Top Right Round Corner The top right corner is rounded.

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Bottom Left Round Corner The bottom left corner is rounded. Bottom Right Round Corner The bottom right corner is rounded. Left Round Corners The two left corners are rounded. Right Round Corners The two right corners are rounded. Bottom Round Corners The two bottom corners are rounded. Custom format Please provide width and height of your artwork.

Between 5 cm and 15 cm.

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Centimeters Centimeters Millimeters Inches Feet. Add custom quantity pcs. Product Business Cards Format 9 x 5. Create Your Design Online. Using our online editor, you can personalize a wide variety of professional templates with your personal and corporate information. No worries, placing an order is fast and easy.

Click below to read the different steps to place your order. You will not receive an online proof, in order to avoid delays. Online Proof Our artwork team will email you a link as soon as possible to check the PDF proof online. Please keep checking your email, as we can only print your file s once you check the PDF and approve it online.

Beware that a delay in approval will cause a delay in production and shipment of your order. Digital Proof Print With the Digital Proof Print option, you will receive a physical proof print delivered prior to the order. This normally takes working days. Please note, that the delivery date will be delayed, and that digital proof prints are not laminated. If a proof print is requested, product will be delivered ca. If you require the products urgently, please check with our customer service before placing an order. Your Order Summary Format 9 x 5. For bank transfer payment, transfer slip has to be sent.

Late payment could lead to a delay in delivery times. Artwork Artwork files have to be uploaded before Tuesday, Late upload might lead to late delivery. Only one artwork can be uploaded per order item. Upload Now Click here if you want to upload your files now, and then checkout.

Upload Later Artwork not ready? Click here to checkout first, and upload your files later. Ainur Rosyieqa September 5, Impressive customer service My experience doing business here was really extraordinary. Helpful service and good quality products! No fear for this one! Cheap and easy Website very easy to use and rates are so much cheaper than others!

So fast, so good! Submit your review here. View our portfolio of Business Cards. Then, select the quantity and how fast you need the products delivered High quality at a low price!! Elegant and timeless typography, grounding charcoal background with a subtle cube design, and a bright orange edge to add some drama. This is a card buyers keep in a desk drawer years after closing. Super minimal, but still packs a punch. The layout, color, and typography all work together in perfect harmony with the square shape.

When someone hands you a card and you take a couple extra seconds to feel it with your hands before sliding it into your purse or wallet, you know you are going to remember that person. Patrick Woods of Keller Williams capitalizes on this knowledge by adding a tactile experience to his business card. We love this bold and minimized color approach as well.

Business Cards

Look, we get it. Spending extra for back and front printing can add up. That means trying to jam a million and one words onto one side of a card is going to make you look cheap. After each episode my friends and I would spend literally hours talking about what we just saw and trying to predict upcoming plot twists. Chances are, if you like Game of Thrones we would have a lot to talk about.

Why are you making it the sole focus on your business card? Instead of splashing out on full color printing for cheesy pictures, why not spend a little more time getting your layout and typography to look more professional? No that does not mean he knows how to use it properly. The novelty on long skinny real estate business cards lasts about as long as it takes one to get lost in the card pocket of your wallet.

Print your Business Cards Online | Gogoprint

I think I have at least one buried in a deep dark recess of my wallet right now…. If you know your way around InDesign and have a layout you are excited about, or maybe your office has access to a talented graphic designer who has just put together the perfect card, you need a place to print these cards. They offer a lot of services including marketing and direct mail, but we love the ease and timeliness of their printing services. A licensed New York City Real Estate Agent and veteran of the marketing department at Tishman Speyer, Emile has been involved in every aspect of residential real estate from brand new developments to pre-war rentals and resales.

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Emile also regularly provides market insights and commentary for publications like Realtor. Are you saying that this is inappropriate? We thought this might be an appropriate way to introduce ourselves to our market.