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  1. 8 Things You Do That Make You Not Seem Like Girlfriend Material
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8 Things You Do That Make You Not Seem Like Girlfriend Material

Instead of gossiping, your best bet is to engage in interesting conversation with a guy. I was blown away. Even though we didn't necessarily agree on everything, I was impressed by her knowledge and confidence to talk about it with a guy at a bar. This is not to say you have to curl your hair into perfect ringlets every day and never touch a pair of sweatpants. Guys will notice that, too. Overly done, obvious makeup is not a look guys want to be around every day. Just like you may write off a dude who has hooked up with half of your friends and is always seen bringing a different girl home every night, guys may be reluctant to date a girl with that reputation.

Girls can get around, but keep it discrete. If you had a wild run of hook-ups and earned yourself a reputation, but are now ready for a relationship, then tone it down and lay low for a bit. As for having sex the first time you get with a guy, the boys we interviewed are in consensus that this is not a deal-breaker in deciding whether or not you are girlfriend material.

Kiko explains that though it may leave little to the imagination, first date sex is situational. But it really depends on the individual. Some guys just want to hook up and are not interested in relationships, so many times it has nothing to do with the girl. They know you are doing it to please them now for a payoff later.

When you give in to their demands right away, they will enjoy the sex but find you weak, or even pathetic. Boys do not want to be with a girl who is easy, needy or acts like a doormat. Boys want a girl who is strong, smart and feisty. Feisty girls are not monotonous, they are interesting. Smart, strong girls keep guys on their toes.

Would You Hook Up with This Virtual Reality Girlfriend?

They refuse to be taken for granted. They insist on being treated with respect. And guys say they believe that assertive girls are better in bed. But connection is not the same as commitment. All humans thrive on connection to others. Relationships with girls give guys an opportunity to develop more intimate ways of relating and communicating. It gives them a break from the pressure they feel when they are with their guy friends.

Don’t Treat Her Like Your Girlfriend If You Only Want To Hook Up | Thought Catalog

Guys who act sexist and offensive when they are alone with each other are capable of being sweet and sensitive when they are alone with a girl. They enjoy it, but they also need it! Research shows that guys admit to feeling devalued and degraded at times by the experience of hooking up. They also report feeling guilty when they have deceived a girl in order to get her to have sex, usually by pretending they are more interested in her than they really are.

He will continue to have sex with that girl until his feelings of repulsion toward her and himself outweigh his sexual desire, at which point he will disappear. But the truth is that when a boy is using a girl, his responsibility for her unhappiness begins to weigh on him. Imagine how differently a boy feels when he does like a girl, and experiences how the sex feels when he is really into her and wants to make her happy.

Loyalty and faithfulness are the two qualities that men rate highest when they are looking for a mate. Going back to our caveman ancestors for a moment, it has always been very important for men to find a mate they could trust. Otherwise, they ran the risk of helping to raise children who might not really be theirs.

The best way of feeling sure that a lifetime of commitment to a woman and her children was justified was identifying characteristics in the female that made her seem impervious to the advances of other men. This is why men feel sexual jealousy easily, and why most guys want to be with someone who is hard to get. Conversely, when a woman puts out too soon, a guy will immediately wonder how many other guys she has been with. If she chooses him, he has won her.

Dedicated to your stories and ideas.

She is a prize. They love giving gifts and express their love for people through treating them the way that they want to be treated. If you give him too much, he will take a passive role. Let him pursue and invite you and then give him little things in return. For instance, wait to cook for him until he has proven his worthiness and brought you out on a few dates.

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I frequently hear about women cooking and cleaning for a man. Unless you've married each other, refrain from making this a habit. Other women before you have learned the hard way. If you need to, channel that giving spirit towards baking for your friends or doing charity work. Give men something to invest in.

Men get bored easily by easy women. However, if you encourage him to call you, texting back, "That sounds like so much fun!