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I think it would be fair to say Twilight was his peak. While Kristen and Rob have continued to have strong Hollywood careers, it's a bit of a mystery why Taylor couldn't keep up the same level of success. Did you forget that Anna Kendrick was in the Twilight series? That would be understandable.

She wasn't a vampire or a werewolf. Anna played Jessica, one of Bella's school friends. It's funny to think that Anna, an Academy Award nominee , had a small supporting role in this tween franchise.

Obviously, Anna has been incredibly busy and successful since her Twilight days. And, of course, there's Anna's starring role in the Pitch Perfect series. In addition to voicing a role in Trolls , being the most adorable and relatable on social media , and writing a book, Anna is also involved in a number of movies in production for and Nikki Reed played Rosalie Cullen, a vampire and one of Edward's siblings.

She was known for being a little bit cold, especially to Bella, and she couldn't understand why Bella would want to become a vampire. But her tune changed when Bella became pregnant. Nikki's career also seemed to peak during her Twilight days. She has been in a number of movies since Twilight , such as Pawn and the independent film, Balls Out.


She has also dabbled in music, wrote a script, and has done some directing of music videos. But these days, Nikki is most well known for her relationships. She famously got engaged to American Idol contestant Paul McDonald three months after meeting him on a red carpet. They married four months later in October and, sadly, divorced in Nikki had a similar whirlwind romance with her current partner, actor Ian Somerhalder. They began dating in June , got engaged in February and tied the knot in April Nikki gave birth to their daughter, Bodhi , in July Ashley Greene played the other Cullen sister, Alice.

Alice was sweet and spunky; a good friend to Bella and useful for the plot as she got to see visions of the future.

But let's get back to Ashley's future after her Twilight days playing Alice Cullen. Ashley has worked in film and television since Twilight wrapped, but nothing has earned her as much fame as her Twilight role. Most recently, she starred in the TV series Rogue and has a movie upcoming in entitled Accident Man. She may not be landing lead roles, but Ashley is still getting some work.

She has also remained close with her co-stars Kellan and Jackson. Unfortunately, outside of Twilight , Ashley is best known for dating Joe Jonas back in and having her photos leaked online. These days, however, things are looking up as she's engaged to Paul Khoury , who she has been dating since He was known as the muscle of the Cullen family with a sweet spot for his girl, Rosalie, and newbie Bella. While not as well known as Kristen or Rob, Kellan has managed to land himself some prime roles since playing Emmett Cullen. Clearly his muscular build is being put to good use!

Witch Hunters losing out to Jeremy Renner. And he has been in talks to play He-Man! Outside of his work, Kellan has also had a pretty good love life. In October , he confirmed he was engaged to model Brittany Gonzales. And in November, they confirmed they were married! Jackson Rathbone played Jasper, one of the vampires in the Cullen family.

He was Alice's mate, had a violent history with newborn vampires, and seemed to struggle with the family's "vegetarian" lifestyle. He has worked steadily since Twilight but hasn't reached the same level of fame. Outside of acting , Jackson is also a singer. His band, Monkeys , toured extensively from to Personally, though, Jackson is also married and a father. He and his wife, Sheila, are parents to Monroe and Presley. Peter Facinelli played Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the patriarch of the Cullen family and vampire with the most self-control. The guy worked at a hospital with human blood all around him and never slipped up!

He's still working in Hollywood today, but his career has definitely slowed down. He also starred in the first season of the TV series Supergirl. The two divorced in after 12 years of marriage. Peter dated Jamie Alexander from to but they called off their engagement in February of She was sweet and demure — not at all what you would expect from a vampire.

She even made sandwiches for the werewolves for crying out loud! At the same time as she was filming Twilight , Elizabeth was filming the other role she is most well known for, playing Ava on Grey's Anatomy. Elizabeth also had a regular role on The Good Wife from Plus, she has been starring in theater roles! So she knows how to keep busy! Rachelle Lefevre portrayed Victoria in the first and second Twilight film. She was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard in subsequent films due to a scheduling conflicts. Victoria, and her mate James, were the main villains in the first and second Twilight movie.

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They were evil vampires who decided to mess with the Cullens and try and get Bella. Rachelle was stunned by the decision too since her scheduling conflict was a mere 10 days. Fans signed petitions and got "Bring Rachelle Back" to be a trending topic on Twitter. Sadly, the studio didn't budge. But Rachelle hasn't let that slow her down. Rachelle has been steadily working in film and TV since her Twilight days.

Twilight: 10 Years Later, Where Are They Now? (15 Photos)

Cam Gigandet played James, the bad boy of the very first Twilight movie. On November 21, , the first installment of author Stephenie Meyer 's wildly popular book-to-film franchise hit theaters for the very first time. The Twilight Saga Cast: Where Are They Now?

Just after the Twilight franchise came to a close, Stewart was cast as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman , but bowed out of the sequel following a tabloid scandal involving an alleged affair between K. Fans can expect to witness Kristen's return to franchise films as the star of Elizabeth Banks ' upcoming Charlie's Angels reboot.

As for Stewart's personal life, how times have changed since she and co-star Robert Pattinson made headlines with their tumultuous relationship. Like his co-star and ex, Pattinson also parlayed his talents into becoming an indie movie darling. Taylor and Billie's relationship ultimately came to an end eight months later, and he's recently gone public with a new lady in his life.

Up until , Facinelli was married to actress Jennie Garth , who he shares three daughters with. We're guessing you've binged it at this point. As for her personal life, she's kept it largely private. He also snagged a starring role in The Legend of Hercules in and appeared in The Expendables 3 the same year. Outside of acting, Lutz's rugged charm and modeling skills have been sought after by brands like Calvin Klein.

Twiligh t's very own Rosalie Hale continued to act after the series came to an end, mostly in small films. The Jasper Hale actor, in addition to being in the band Monkeys from to , has appeared in web series, TV shows, and a handful of films since Twilight ended.

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